Effectively Stops Revenue Leakage

Industry most enhanced revenue leakage prevention system

Accurate & Reliable

Classification accuracy of over 98% and 99% Uptime Performance… making the system highly accurate and reliable

Advanced Technology

Superior technology that enables real time intelligence, monitoring and management capabilities…

Rich Software Platform


With almost 15 years of experience in design & development of large enterprise class applications, Techsture is an industry expert.
  • Advanced SOA Architecture (Service Oriented Architecture) and also cloud enabled to deliver high performance scalable solutions.
  • Our Data Analytics Engine draws deeper insights that provide intelligent analysis on your tolling operations, allowing you to be more productive and predictable.
  • Tamper Proof Database- eToll Database architecture employs industry most stringent encryption and relationship model (the same as used in Visa/MasterCard transaction compliance)
It is impossible for anyone to modify any transaction in database
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