Highways & Traffic Management System (HTMS) Intelligent & Responsive

Automated Traffic
Management System for Highways

Intelligent & Responsive

State of art ATMS system with distinguishing features as:

  • Indigenously developed video incident detection software
  • Architecture that supports Cloud Based ATMS system that provides future expandability to road users via Mobile Application
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence and data learning to intelligently coordinate across all ATMS components for providing safe and efficient travel to road users

Intelligently Enhances Safety and Emergency
Responsiveness to Travelers on Your Highways

Keeping an eye on traffic across your highways, system intelligently senses incidents and alerts across your control room, ambulance and patrolling vehicles. It even auto manages operations like displaying messages (congestion, accident etc) on VMS in the absence of operator.
Get Accurate View of Traffic across Your Highway and understand traffic spills across mid way junctions. Also get deeper traffic statistics data across your highway sections”